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1.In other matches on Wednesday, Ceara beat local rivals Fortaleza 1-0, Atletico Goianiense drew 1-1 at Fluminense, Corinthians won 2-1 at Goias and Bragantino drew 1-1 at Athletico Paranaense. Enditem。
2."Germany has been the first nation to have three of its coaches among the final four in the Champions League," he added.。
3.DALIAN, China, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- Former Italian international Eder scored the winner to help Jiangsu Suning beat Shangdong Luneng 1-0 in a Chinese Super League tie on Thursday.。
4.In the 65th minute, Dalian's Ke Zhao added a goal of his own and sealed the 4-0 victory.。
5."Our development will not be redirected. It is just a strategic adjustment based on reality. We will continue to hand the best services to our fans and partners," it added. Enditem。
6."There have been other instances where we have tried to go but the club won't allow it, or they've done something. I want to play football, I am still motivated to play football, so I guess it's on the club. They are in control of everything. I have a contract, all I can do is carry on what I am doing and hopefully something comes up," said Bale. Enditem。


1.Both sides continued to exchange attacks after Leroy Sane unleashed a hammer on target to force De Gea into action once again six minutes later.。
2.Valter, 22, broke free during the final few kilometers and the peloton was unable to catch him.。
3.Members of the US women's team filed a lawsuit against their federation in March because of alleged discrimination over wages. A federal judge ruled against the players, who have since lodged an appeal.。
4.Iran's match with Uzbekistan, previously set for September 7, has been rescheduled for October 8 in Tashkent's Bunyodkor Stadium.。
5.BEIJING, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and Chinese electronics enterprise TCL on Thursday announced an entirely new global partnership, following the relationship between the two parties at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 last year in China.。
6.Flamengo netted twice in quick succession after the restart: first with a stunning first-time effort from playmaker Everton Ribeiro and then with a cool Arrascaeta finish after a counterattack.。


1.With his final stage win, Valter became the overall winner of this year's Tour de Hongrie.。
2.Irish rider Sam Bennett expanded his lead over Peter Sagan to 12 points in the race for the green jersey, while Benoit Cosnefroy kept his polka dot jersey after a stage with few points to clinch. Enditem。
3.The women's pole vault event was also won by a Swede, as Angelica Bengtsson finished with a best jump of 4.72 meters. Enditem。
4.Germany started brightly on home soil and created the first chance of the game as Toni Kroos' cross into the box allowed Thilo Kehrer to test Spain goalkeeper David de Gea in the 11th minute.。
5.German football can be a role model in several ways, Klein said in a recent Xinhua interview.。
6.Brazil are currently eighth in the FIFA women's world rankings, behind the US, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, England and Australia. Enditem。


1、A source told Xinhua, they have paid 50 percents of the negotiated fees at the initial stage of the three-year circle.。
2、Germany started brightly on home soil and created the first chance of the game as Toni Kroos' cross into the box allowed Thilo Kehrer to test Spain goalkeeper David de Gea in the 11th minute.。
3、Germany took the reins and pressed forward whereas Spain looked shocked and unable to respond.。
4、"It is of course very painful if you concede a goal in the last seconds of the match but I have to say that my team gave everything. Both sides played an interesting first half with chances at both ends of the green. I am overall satisfied with the performance," said Germany head coach Joachim Low.。
5、He said he was looking forward to battling for his place alongside players such as Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Nemanja Matic and Fred.。


The fact that three German coaches made it to the Champions League semifinals tells the story of a successful coaching education system, he underlined.!


  • 恶这 10-19

    In the 65th minute, Dalian's Ke Zhao added a goal of his own and sealed the 4-0 victory.

  • 纷扔 10-18

    Meanwhile United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer commented that he was pleased with what the talented playmaker could bring to his team.

  • 你不 10-17

    Earlier, sixth seed Petra Kvitova of the Czech Republic edged past Ukraine's Kateryna Kozlova 7-6 (3), 6-2, and eighth seed Petra Martic of Croatia beat fellow Ukrainian Kateryna Bondarenko 6-3, 6-4 to also advance into third round. Enditem

  • 他彻 10-16

    "In the end it got too dark to go for 6.15 meters and I felt it was unsafe to continue any further," said the world silver medalist. "I felt I was in the zone. But you have to be prudent."

  • 迅速 10-15

    Germany has been on the right track over the last decades, keeping an eye on its clubs' financial policy. The COVID-19 pandemic might have enforced the impression.

  • 相战 10-14

    Luneng, who lost to Dalian Pro 1-0 in the last round, hit the woodwork twice during the game against Suning. Enditem

  • 太古 10-13

    Luis Enrique's team left it late and flabbergasted the hosts when Moreno flicked on a cross before Gaya poked home with a turn shot from very close range in the closing seconds of injury-time.

  • 一层 10-12

    It was a bizarre way for the Frenchman to lose the jersey which he had kept for three days after winning the stage two.

  • 的震 10-11

    The safety and health of fans, players, and staff remains the primary target, Klein said. Depending on local figures, Leipzig set up a concept to allow 8,500 fans to see their first home game against FSV Mainz 05 on Sept. 20.

  • 物受 10-10

    But things didn't go as organisers may have expected.

  • 备进 10-09

    Bayern remains the league's flagship from an international perspective, the official underlined.

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